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#edcmooc Codifying human beings

Why don't we consider the course recommended tool for creating comics?

Studies of the last century has brought us closer to codifying human behavior than we've ever been, don't you think?

It struck me when I was trying out the Pixton comic creator. I thought how far tech has gone that I can make up a comic in minutes. It's just about choosing: face, pose, scenery and have a ready comic at once! Piece of cake! It's as if what human being is capable of was so 'easy' to codify. Haven't we, the Humans, claimed to be complex beings? 

See full size image 

On the other hand, if I had an idea for a comic some years ago and I was unable to draw... I wouldn't even be able to tell my story!

Humanity decodified - artificial intelligence is ON!

I'm not at all up-to-date with the scientifical achievements of AI, but even I've heard of widespread business usage of AI elements, like computer bots, autoresponders or teacher bot. Every now and then, we read about breakthroughs in understanding how human brain works. Number of its applications in technology and business is growing exponentially!

But how far can we go? & should we go there?

Well, this is just to big of a question to give an answer "just like that". Let me just make a point here that we should take global social responsibility to measure the effects of implementations of technology we make. It's very gratifying to scientists when they discover something new, still it should be even more important to them to study it's long-term implications. 
Unless we care for the long-run, we'll not succeed. Just like in the Business. Let's call it Human Business.

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