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#edcmooc The web, the net and the eWorld.

"Metaphor’s meanings and entailments vary by culture"

Having said that, the topic discussed by the article should probably be taken up by the English-speaking cultures only.
For example in polish the word 'web' is not used at all to talk about the Internet. The whole discourse on this kind of metaphor doesn't even make sense then.

Still it's interesting point the author is making in the article on how metaphors can influence our views of the Internet, both providing us with possibilities and limiting other possibilities.

Is Internet capable of doing anything at all?

It seems to me that the way some authors describe Internet, giving it malicious capacities, is exaggerated. Claiming that the Internet as such has any capabilities of performing things or having  intents it's too much humanizing for it! Isn't it rather that Internet is merely another tool of humans, which misused brings destruction?

On the contrary when we read about the positive metaphors refering to the Internet they seem to be relevant and endorse Internet with the advantages it does offer. And these are not only the possibilities a tool can offer. Internet is presented as the source of substantial change in the way contemporary world functions.

This change may be though of a disruptive type.

2008 studies vs 2014 reality 

Well, the study of 2008 editorials is interesting keeping in mind development and world wide popularity of Facebook or LinkedIn these days. Especially, in context of Internet as a space for communities to meet. Much has changed on this topic, I believe. It may be worth repeating the study of usage of metaphors refering to Internet. Now the results may be the reverse!

Reference article link.  

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