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#edcmooc Utopias vs Dysopias

The course videos just created more questions and some thoughts for a start. Let me share them:

Do we lose some 'natural' mechanisms with the advancement of technology?

I feel not, but I've got no clue on how to develop on this question... do we? why?
Comments welcomed.

Are we becoming slaves of digital technology? is tech not natural? or incompliant with nature?

Seems it is not compliant with nature, at first sight. Technology is man-made. But...  it's created out of things that are made by our hands. Why would we deny it the rights that previous technologies had? We don't look for disastrous consequences of railway. Even though there may have been some jobs lost, lifestyle changes, etc.

We may need to learn more how to manage it and make best use of it, not to hurt ourselves, but the same has been happening with all new inventions or findings.

Technology treats everybody equally. Doesn't make distinctions.

This leaves space to improvements with regards to biases that people do. We usually do complex assumptions when communicating with one another. It is almost impossible to control it. On the other hand bots treat things more simply, thus equally.

Why shouldn't we find the right balance between technological advancement and process simplicity when going digital on education? I really like the idea of teacher bot!

Technology gives new perspectives.

Things we wouldn't even be dreaming about are now part of our daily lives. Chat with family across the world, video calls, digital books available from anywhere in the world. Education - interactive books! artificial intelligence applied to reading.... gosh! Awesome!

Nature seems surprisingly strong and bears more than we expect.

It's also far more creative than we imagine. Still, all this, efforts, studies, medicine is imitating...mother nature :-) It's sort of a loop, isn't it?

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