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#edcmooc Digital future

Two movies presented envision what we struggle to achieve now. Ease of education enabled by tech.

Are we there yet?

The vision is to have whatever we want whenever we want (like a video conference with specialist) to learn by practice, constantly. Still it's not yet the reality, or not globally or across societies. In some private schools, maybe. In some R&D companies, maybe. But it's far from our minds to think of education in this way.

Do we think right?

How to address the challenge that our teachers are still not up-to-date with the market? How to diminish the gap between teaching theory and practice. How to make teachers practitioners? Or how to make practitioners available to teachers?
Is there anyone even thinking about addressing these challenges?
I hope so, for my would-be kids!

A discourse on threats

Well they are gonna be there. That's it and that's good. Man should not believe all can be managed themselves. Problems are chances to prove better and strive for the best. No challenges would mean no progress.

See it for yourself:

and threats: 

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